Meet our residents…

Say “hello” to some of our farm family members…

In 2007, Belvidere came to us from a sheep and wool festival auction where he was about to go home to someone bragging about making him into dinner and a mantel decoration. Belvidere and his mate, Miss Oasis, fit neatly in the back of our Honda CRV that day.

Curly Horns was only a young thing when he came to us from the soon to close OohMahNee sanctuary in 2006. Today, he is a member of our bridge club, a flock retired to a loafing shed with a small rectangular pasture, a place much easier to navigate for the most arthritic and blind elders in the group.

Blueberry came to us from a farm raising her to be turned into bacon at 6 months of age. Today she is 3 years old and weighs in at over 800 pounds. Blueberry loves her brother, Henry, who also came to us that fateful day, and shares her love of mud baths, watermelons and spending hours hunting the elusive acorn.

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