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Do you give tours or have open farm days?
We are currently limiting access to the farm and our resident animals while we finish fences and get systems (staff) in place to share the farm in a way that is most enjoyable and educational for the people and not disruptive or stressful for the animals. Like and follow us on Facebook to find out when our next open farm day will be.

We are open on some Saturday and Sunday mornings at 9:30am as these are the times we host volunteer activities. If you’d like to join our regular volunteer crew, send us an email. There are lots of different ways and opportunities to help — something for anyone who has some free time and a passion for helping animals (and people) in need.

How can I help?
As an all-volunteer run small non-profit, we are always in need of lots of help! From donations to help keep the animals fed and healthy to your time and talents, just let us know what you’re interested in.

Do you use the animals you have in your Care Farm program? Isn’t that against a vegan philosophy?
No, as long-time vegans, we do not “use” our animals in any way. Our Care Farm programs are set up with curriculums of selective farm-based educational and personally-fulfilling activities that are located for the most part away from the animals. Some groups who are physically capable, are invited to help with regular volunteer activities such as cleaning stalls, washing food and water buckets, planting gardens, clearing trails or working on projects that benefit the animals and provide a sense of accomplishment for the people. Other groups are invited to brush Coal (one of the most socially-demanding creatures on the planet), make artwork for display on the farm, or just sit and socialize with some of the animals that want to be with people. All Care Farm activities are supervised by at least 2 trained staff from Graze as well as accompanying staff from the visiting organizations.

If you have any concerns about how the animals at Graze are treated, message us and we’ll make time to show you around. Better yet, volunteer to assist us on a Care Farm day. See for yourself how allowing people who’ve had shitty circumstances dumped on them through no fault of their own, can come here and feel loved, accepted, useful, and sheer joy. Homeless teenagers who won’t talk to their counselors, walking and talking to Coal, our socially-needy sheep. Developmentally-disabled people sharing vegan chicken tacos after mucking a stall and then head-back belly-laughing as they watch our mud-covered rescue pigs, Strawberry and Lucky, race across their field to get their backs and bellies scratched.