Who We Are

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Board of Directors
Deborah Schwink, President of Graze in Peace Farm Animal Rescue

Deborah Schwink, Co-Founder and President

email: debjoy@grazeinpeace.com

A lifelong animal advocate, Deb was intrigued by the European Care Farm model where vulnerable humans and rescued animals heal and learn to trust again from each other. After spending years working in marketing and small business management while volunteering at several farm and companion animal rescues, Deb re-aligned her career with her passion and in 2016 co-founded Graze in Peace.

Along with being acting President of the Board, she also oversees much of the fundraising and day-to-day activities at the farm. A Wisconsin native, she has a BA in Sociology from UW-Madison and did graduate work in psychology at JFK University in California.

Carl Schwink, Co-Founder of Graze in Peace Farm Animal Rescue

Carl Schwink, Co-Founder and Vice President

Consulting Engineer, DE Shaw Research

email: carl@grazeinpeace.com

Carl has a Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering and splits his time as a computer engineer between Durham, Maine and New York City. A lifelong rescuer of large and small animals, Carl’s experience lent him to becoming the trainer and manager of the farm and animal caretakers at Graze. He obtained large animal handling and shearing skills through attending University Extension courses and also attended the Farm Animal Care Conference at Farm Sanctuary in 2017. Although most of his time is spent at his “day job,” Carl is still the one called on to do tougher tasks like seasonal shearing and tusk trimming.

Jeannine Anderson, Vice President of Graze in Peace Farm Animal Rescue

Jeannine Anderson, Vice President

Owner, Indigo Barn

email: jeannine@gazeacres.com

Jeannine is the Director of the Indigo Barn, a private animal sanctuary started in 2001. She attended the Farm Animal Care Conference in 2016 and holds several certificates in animal behavior. Formerly a professor of art, Jeannine holds a BFA and an MFA in Studio Art from the Colorado State University and a BS in Merchandising from Northern Illinois University. She continues her work as an artist from her studios in Maine and Michigan. Jeannine is known as the “camelid whisperer” throughout our area. In addition to advising us on llama care, her experience with running a sanctuary as well as her teaching and business background make her a valuable asset to our Board.

Barbara Davis, Vice President and Treasurer

Legal Assistant, Norman, Hanson & DeTroy, LLC


Care Farm Manager and Board of Directors member, Crystal King at Graze in Peace Farm Animal Rescue and Learning Center

Crystal King, Secretary

Adoption Recruiter, Wendy’s Wonderful Kids

email: crystal@grazeinpeace.com

For the past 10 years Crystal has worked as a social worker for children in foster care as well as for people with developmental disabilities. She heads up our Care Farm program and all of the therapeutic group activities at Graze. She is also the farm animals’ personal babysitter and fills in when the co-founders are away. A Michigan native, she has a BA in Social Work from Cornerstone University.