Care Farm Program

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The Care Farm program at Graze in Peace offers people in need of a healing space (just like our rescued animals) a safe place to reconnect to nature, to others and to themselves while participating in farm-based activities surrounded by loving, nonjudgmental and nonthreatening beings.

We offer programs for those with developmental or intellectual disabilities, children in foster care, teenagers in transition, and others in our community in need of a little extra help. This Spring, we are adding a community center yurt to the farm to house our Care Farm and Humane Education activities. A new fully-accessible raised bed sensory garden is also in the plans as well as a nature trail with benches to sit and observe the animals, the hundred-year-old trees and the tiny wildlife along our running brook.

Although care farms are not all that common in the United States, there are many in other countries. Many have therapy programs, much like therapy horse farms, that offer at-risk individuals or individuals with special needs a place to build personal, social and vocational skills in the natural, peaceful, stress-free environment of the farm.

Note: We are not a certified therapy farm and the animals on our farm are not therapy animals. They are rescues from various situations. Some of them, like Coal the sheep, love and demand attention and will be available for mutually-beneficial activities as he is comfortable. Others, like our pigs and sheep, will be available most often to view from afar. We are a vegan organization and as such, do not believe in nor promote the use of animals for personal benefit. On the other hand, we do encourage interactions that are beneficial to both our animals and our visitors. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.