Our Programs

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Roller Derby team volunteers with Coal


Farmed Animal Rescue: We rescue and give sanctuary to vulnerable farmed animals in need of a second chance and a peaceful place to live out their lives. Many animals come to us from neglect, abuse, abandonment or other dire consequences. After taking them in, they are placed in a mandatory quarantine area after which they are moved to a part of the farm where they will have optional access to appropriate companions and be provided with a lifetime of peaceful shelter, unconditional love, healthy food and medical care as needed.

Humane Education: By doing local and virtual educational outreach activities, hosting on-site classes and providing a venue for therapeutic farm-based programs, we are planting the seeds of compassion for all beings. Follow us on Facebook  to stay up to date on current and future outreach and educational activities.

Care Farm: By allowing vulnerable people in our community to come experience and participate in selective activities on our farm, we demonstrate and promote a truly compassionate lifestyle that mutually benefits farmed animals and people in our community.

Volunteer Activities: We have many open opportunities for anyone interested in helping out. If you believe in our mission, have free time and a desire to be of service, we encourage you to fill out a volunteer application or email us for more information.