Our Programs

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Farm Animal Rescue: We take in and care for vulnerable farm animals in need of a place to live out their lives. We give them a safe and peaceful place to be themselves and we provide them with a lifetime of feed and medical care as needed. By offering a vegan meal to all the groups that come out to our farm, we try to demonstrate a truly humane way of living and to proactively demonstrate a way for everyone to help the billions of horribly victimized farm animals in our world.

Care Farm: By allowing vulnerable people in our community to come experience and participate in selective activities on our farm, we demonstrate and promote a lifestyle that benefits both farm animals and people in our community.

Humane Education: We promote respect and compassion for all beings and educate and demonstrate a plant-based lifestyle to help heal our planet and our community. Our humane education activities are based on a mission to teach young people in our community that all vulnerable beings — cat, dog, pig, sheep or human — deserve our respect and our compassion.

Volunteer Activities: We offer monthly work parties throughout the Spring, Summer and Fall and have many open opportunities for anyone interested in helping out. If you believe in our mission, have free time and a desire to be of service, we encourage you to fill out a volunteer application or email us for more information. We are an all volunteer-run organization and our ability to help is only limited by the number of hours people are willing to put in.