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Sponsor one of our rescued farm animal residents by making a donation towards the cost of their food, housing and medical care. Sponsorships make very meaningful gifts! Sponsors receive a personalized card with the animal’s name, story and photograph.

Sponsor a Farm Animal Resident

Call 207-558-2005 or message us if you want to sponsor one of our other rescued farm animals.


is a beautiful rescued layer hen who has called Graze in Peace home for the past five years. She is an excellent conversationalist, loves scratches under her chin and is always welcoming to newcomers.


spent a year living in a garage in Maine after being won in a pig scramble. Strawberry is a gentle, playful soul who LOVES belly rubs and will spend the rest of his days adventuring with his piggy friends at Graze.


arrived at Graze in the fall of 2016 after being rescued at an auction by a horse rescue where he spent the first two years of his life. Coal LOVES people and welcomes attention from all visitors to the farm, especially those harboring treats in their pockets!


was born at Graze on November 16th, 2016. She is FULL of feistiness and curiosity and LOVES spending her days grazing with her aunt and uncles and sleeping alongside her momma llama at night.


was rescued at an auction where he was saved from someone bragging about making him into a mantel piece and dinner. Belvedere has called Graze home for over 10 years. Although he is the smallest, he is a fearless leader of flock.

Prince Edward

arrived at Graze in 2016 along with 4 other llamas. He is the most patient and majestic of the llamas and can often be found standing on the highest ground in the pasture playing "king of the hill" with his younger siblings.


was rescued by the most caring woman who called the slaughterhouse and saved her life just in the nick of time. She is truly a lucky pig who has a whole life of peace, love and friendship ahead of her here at Graze.

Farm Family

A "Farm Family" at Graze includes 1 chicken, 1 sheep, 1 pig, and 1 llama. Send us a message if you want to sponsor a specific animal from each of those categories, otherwise we will choose one of each for you.

Monthly Sponsorship

One-Time Sponsorship