Afterschool Programs

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Graze in Peace offers educational opportunities for local middle and high school students through our afterschool Sustainable Living and Humane Education Programs. Each program meets at the farm one day/week for 6 weeks starting in the Fall and again in Spring. Programs include classroom activities in our new community center yurt along with hands-on farm and garden-based activities.

The Sustainable Living Program empowers students to engage in thought-provoking discussion and activities that will give them tools to guide them toward healthier and more planet-friendly lifestyle choices.

We will explore animal agriculture’s effects on our planet and focus on building a science-based foundation of knowledge around our food system. Hands-on food prep, cooking, gardening, and farm-based skill-building opportunities make up a large part of this program.

Students will leave with knowledge, tools and a renewed sense of hope for the future that will benefit themselves, their community and ultimately, the small planet we all share.

Our Humane Education Program offers students hands-on farm activities that will engage them in building relationships with some of the ambassador animals at Graze in Peace. Students will be encouraged to explore mutually-beneficial relationships with those who are different than themselves, yet no less deserving of respect and consideration. This program is a key part of promoting our mission of increasing the circle of compassion to include all beings. Included will be presentations and activities in our community-center yurt along with farm-based activities with some of the farm animals.

Registration for after-school programs will begin again in August, 2019. Message us if you or your school would like more information.